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The MegaVision

MegaVision is a high technology enterprise specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and supplying of novel filtration membranes. MegaVision Membrane is headquartered in Shanghai, with its R&D and production facilities located in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces.

We specialize in the production of liquid-solid separation membranes, liquid separation membranes, and gas separation membranes.

Our R&D team is strong of several highly recognized university professors, senior engineers and technical production teams. Our ongoing researches and production trainings ensure stability of our products' quality and advanced performances.

Our History

MegaVision was established in 1999, following years of R&D in partnership with China most renowned engineering university - Tsinghua University. MegaVision Membrane pioneered pervaporation and osmotic distillation membranes manufacturing in China, and is the world’s second commercial enterprise to develop such technologies.

In 2002, MegaVision Membrane entered the environmental protection market in China. MegaVision engineered a proprietary and patented permanently high hydrophilic PVDF and PS membrane polymers HYPER™, boasting advanced properties.
MegaVision Membrane operates hollow fibre & flat membrane production lines with advanced automated design and largest integrated capacity in China.

Our Services


We are expert in the manufacturing of separation membranes. Our solutions include microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), membrane bioreactor (MBR), pervaporation (PV) and gas filtration sold under our brand name MegaVision.


We partner with large international customers and engineering groups. We develop novel membrane solutions according to our customers' specific requirements. Our know-how encompasses liquid separation, gas separation and liquid/solid separation.

We produce membranes using proprietary PS, PES, PVDF, PAN, PP, PEK, PTFE, PDMS, PMP polymers, and applied on various supports including flat sheet (FS), capillary hollow fibre (HF), capillary multi bore (MB), spiral wound (SW) and multi tubular (MT).


We develop filtration modules and turnkey solutions for small to large scale projects.

We partner with advanced technologies providers to tackle most complex projects and offer most efficient solutions with low CAPEX, low OPEX and excellent longevity.

Production Process



Our products are developed using only the highest-grade raw materials from leading global suppliers.



Our proprietary production lines and fully automated ensuring high production efficiency and quality.



We perform quality and performance controls at each stage of the production process.


Our water treatment polymeric membranes are engineered for permanent high hydrophilicity.

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A complete range of flat sheet and hollow fiber membrane for microfiltration, ultrafiltration and MBR applications.

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Continuous R&D and product testing. We deliver quality, value & performance for our clients.

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Expert Team

Prof. Liu Yurong
Membrane R&D Expert

Prof. Liu is a senior engineering researcher from Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology & Development Center, Oceanic State Administration. He is a leading expert in membrane separation technologies and a pioneer in the development of various membrane polymers (PVDF, PES, PS, PA, CA) for UF, NF and RO applications.

Zhu Zhenxin
Membrane Manufacturing Expert

Mr. Zhou Zhenxin is a senior engineer and a Research Fellow at the Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Engineering & Metallurgy. A technical consultant at MegaVision since 2003 specialised in membrane development.

Prof. Fan Yunliang
MBR Membrane Expert

Prof. Fan is a senior chemical engineer, in charge of MBR membrane R&D at MegaVision Membrane.

Prof. I.G. Wenten
International R&D Supervisor

Prof. Ir. I Gede Wenten, M.Sc., PhD. is a most respected membrane researcher in South-East Asia. He was awarded the Suttle Award, Science and Technology Award, and recently the Asean Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award.

Dr. Antonio Ferreira
Senior Projects Supervisor

Dr. Ferreira is a renowned chemical & civil engineer. A developer of advanced and ultra-compact Secondary and Tertiary wastewater treatment solutions, and funded by the European Commission “LIFE Programme”.

Chemical Engineering Supervisor

Ms. Dou is a Senior chemical engineer, holder of a Master degree from the Polymer Materials Dpt. from East China University of Science & Technology. She gained further knowledge in MBR projects under the tutelage of Prof. Liu Yurong, Prof. Simon Judd (Cranfield University) and Dr. Antonio Ferreira.

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We develop high quality flat sheet and hollow fibre membranes



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