Hisun Project

Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant

This project was designed after several months of tests in-situ for determination of the best options to implement the depuration of a very complex mix of industrial wastewater. The designed solution comprises the use of all concrete previous tanks all together with a new anaerobic treatment as Primary Treatment, based on VALORSABIO’s technology UASB-PRO, and a Secondary Treatment based also on VALORSABIO’s technology, the JET-LOOP SYSTEM + MegaVision Flat Sheet MBR filtration.

The UASB-PRO installed and in operation since November 2011, uses an new pulse process for the wastewater feed, solving the old problems found in large UASBs, related with unbalanced and bad distribution of feed, preferential paths of flow inside the bioreactors and difficulties in stabilising the up-flow wastewater within the design range.

The operation of the UASB-PRO is now capable to reduce the COD loads by more than 80%, even in the case with the presence of a poorly biologically degradable influent, and produces a considerable volume of biogas, thus reducing the treatment OPEX and creating a return as electrical energy and hot water from the biogas cogeneration burn.

As for the JET-LOOP SYSTEM + MBR, the process is operating with low HRT (less than 25%) in comparison with previous conventional activated sludge process and produces an extremely high quality treated water, fully under the legal permits negotiated with the authorities agencies.


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